White Glove Weddings is a wedding planner out of Richland, Washington and serves the Tri Cities. White Glove Weddings is a wedding coordinator in West Richland, Kennewick and pascoa washington

Estancia~Beth & Leo

Bahia~Anna & John

"My wedding would not have been possible without Alexandra. I hired her last minute for full coordination and she was able to effortlessly pull of planning and executing my amazing wedding without any difficulty. She worked with me around my budget, set up meetings with vendors and went with me to every one. She was present in every part of the planning, and genuinely cared about me and my special day. She gave incredibly artistic and creative ideas, and helped me figure out what I wanted when I didn't even know myself. Even with the normal things that go wrong on a wedding day, she handled them without my even knowing anything had gone wrong. I highly recommend Alexandra to anyone who is thinking of hiring a planner.​" Anna

"We used Alexandra for a Day of service for our wedding planning. Alexandra could not have been more on top of every detail in the days leading up to the wedding. We met with her and her assistant Emily Ann 2-3 times before the day. They both made sure that all our T's were crossed and all of our I's were dotted. She was excellent. We could call her at any time to ask her questions or make sure she was up to date with any changes we may have made. Alexandra went with us on our walk through about two weeks prior to the wedding, came to our house to pick up decorations, and even came to the rehearsal the day before. The day of the wedding I had not a fear. She made sure that everything was done and I had not a worry. She coordinated everything from the time the girls walked down the isle to when certain songs were played. I would definitely recommend Alexandra to anyone planning an event. Alexandra and her team are more than on top on it! They made my wedding day flawless!​"  Beth

The Prado~Catherine & Ryan

"I was looking for a coordinator that was efficient, professional, timely, and creative and Alexandra was exceptional in every aspect.  I hired her for six weeks and she performed well beyond my expectations. 

All her recommended vendors that I used were excellent and she had  close professional relationships with each of them.  Every vendor that I hired did wonderful work for us.

Truly. I would recommend Alexandra to anyone that would like a exceptional coordinator with a direct and professional attitude that will deliver you a awesome wedding day."

Thank you Alexandra!!!​    Catherine

Inn ​at Rancho Sante Fe
Ceremony USD immaculata

"Alexandra was my day of wedding coordinator and everything went very smoothly! Alexandra had her assistant with us at the ceremony site while she was at the reception site. The money was well worth it to spend, even my dad agreed! Alexandra was not only involved with me towards the end, but was in contact with me several months before the wedding and we had several face to face meetings as well. Since I live in Orange County, we had to do everything on the weekends, and Alexandra was very accommodating to my limited schedule. I would definitely recommend her for brides looking for someone to make sure they're day runs smooth!" Sarah

The Crosby~Kristin & Dan   

"When I decided on a destination wedding in San Diego, I knew I would need a coordinator that could not only provide recommendations for the best venues and vendors in the area, but could also make sure that every detail of my special day was taken care of.  Alexandra not only met those requirements, but went above and beyond in so many ways.
From my very first conversation with Alexandra, she expressed genuine excitement for the vision I had and immediately began offering suggestions for various venues and décor.  I loved all of her ideas, and incorporated many of them into my wedding.  Her fees were also very reasonable, which made it a little easier to stick to that darn budget! 
I visited San Diego several times before the wedding and Alexandra made sure we made the most of every visit.  And with all of the connections she has in the industry, she not only found the best venues and vendors to meet my needs, but also saved me money!  She also has a ton of DIY ideas to share, which helped save money, too!
On my wedding day, Alexandra arrived at the ceremony/reception site in the VERY early morning hours to make sure every little detail was in place...and that included setting up ALL of the reception décor!  I can't thank her enough for how everything turned out.  It was absolutely perfect from beginning to end.  
Alexandra is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone!!" Kristin