What is the Bridal Bar?

We focus on relationship building.

We are the only personalized Tri Cities one stop shop resource for all of your wedding & event planning needs. Like your very own Google incarnate. A customized bridal show all year around!  We use our many years of event industry experience to get your planning started off on the right foot such as directing you to specific vendors that meet your budget and expectations. You should expect to leave feeling relived, stress free and excited about your event! We guarantee you will save hundreds of hours of research time as well as come away with advice that helps you avoid costly mistakes. Did you know the average wedding requires 250 hours of research time alone? Yikes!

All consultations come with your choice of beverages, desserts and a take home wedding planning starter package. Meetings range from one to two hours and will be like having your own wedding planner, designer and therapist all to yourself.  We totally understand how overwhelming planning an event can be, especially when online resources direct our searches to other regions like Spokane, Idaho and Portland. So not helpful!

The Bridal Bar only refers local small businesses that are reputable, experienced and provide the highest quality of customer service. Rest assured that we get it and got you covered! You may have as many appointments as you need. Your first consultation is complimentary and a $50 fee applies to each additional consultation thereafter. You may have as many appointments as you feel that you need. If you get stuck or need help working through a planning challenge, we are always here for you!

Contact us today to set up an appointment! We can’t wait for you to enjoy the ambiance and offerings of the Bridal Bar.

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The Bridal Bar is designed to create an economic ripple effect in the long run. It’s not just business for event professionals in our area, but more business to our hotels, stores and restaurants.

History of the Bridal Bar

Navigating The Industry

When I moved to the Tri-Cities from California my now husband and I were engaged. Before we relocated I was researching the wedding and event industry online and was astounded to find absolutely nothing. Thinking this town was obviously so small there wasn’t an event industry to be found, I planned my wedding in San Diego, California.

After we arrived in the Tri-Cities, I discovered, there actually is an event industry! It was then that I decided to open White Glove Weddings Bridal Bar. As I awkwardly navigated the bridal industry in the Tri-Cities, I saw many aspects I would like to see change but the trigger to start the Bridal Bar was pulled after my very first conversation with a wedding professional in town 5 years ago. He said something to me that I will never forget. In conversation with this professional, I was describing my ideal customer and the experiences I myself had in California. He responded, “We don’t have those brides here” as he laughed at me, rolled his eyes and walked away. I’ll be honest, I thought, “What a fool!” Do you not see how developed this area is? Or a city chick that’s moved to this town who is engaged standing right before your eyes? Don’t you realize there will be more people like me relocating to this town at lightening speed? I was so confused by this comment from a local industry professional who has operated his business here for 20 years because early on I recognized our community members are high achieving and educated individuals. Read More